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Thirsty For Thought Thursdays

So, I’ve decided to make every Thursday a thought-provoking one rather than the typical thirsty, if you catch my drift.
I felt some weird desire to make a Dr. Seuss poem, but of course–in Grace fashion ;). Take a read and think about yourself. What do you constantly do that adds stress to your life? Do you always manage to go into work late? What do you do on a regular basis that helps you out, or makes you feel good? Maybe you go out of your way to ensure that you not only get enough hours of sleep each night, but quality ones at that? Well, whatever it may be–for every action, there is a reaction. Don’t like the reaction, change your action!

P.S. — I LOVE Dr. Seuss. Literally, I was a punk-ass “munchkin” and would refuse to read books with covers that came off as unappealing. Then, one year for Christmas, my mom got me “Cat In The Hat” and “Green Eggs and Ham”. Naturally, and also being a cat fanatic at that time, I read Cat In The Hat first. “Nice rhymes, but meh,” I thought to myself. Having no other books to read, I decided to give Green Eggs and Ham a shot. Let’s just say it’s still one of my favorite books to this day, and I no longer judge a book by its cover ;).

“A Time and a Place, Sometimes Waste, But Always–With Grace”

“I don’t think there’s any other way
So I simply have to recognize and say
‘Today’s just not my day.’
Despite such amiss,
I must remember–my life is no black abyss.
At least I have the clothes on my back,
The hair on my head,
A nice razor and shaving cream so that it does not spread
Even better, a cotton heaven I call ‘bed’.

I could be a downer,
Complain about an essay due in an hour,
But really, who’s fault is it?
In midst of Facebook temptation, I never would cower.
From now on, I’ll view my life and all of its pickles through a rose colored lens,
Still seeing what’s real–but living like I own a¬†Mercedes¬†Benz.
Fixing what’s fixable, with the toolbox called my mind
And acknowledging what can’t be–but being able to accept it all in good time.”


I’m well aware that poetry isn’t my forte, but I love me my Dr. Seuss esque fixes.

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