About Nutrisassy

Some days are good days, others are hard work, we can feel like we’re swimming up stream, or wading through porridge; but those days are valuable too. Those are the days when we discover we are uncomfortable enough to re-assess where we are investing our energy, those are the days when we are forced to look at the cold hard facts and decide whether we are serving our best interests by continuing.

–Haley Darby, Nutritionist

Sometimes others have a better way of putting our feelings into words we can relate to. When I came across this quote, not only did I find myself being able to apply it to just every day life, but also to specific scenarios. Literally, in that quote, you could put in almost any problem you may face along with the additional battles within it. For me, my major struggle is a healthy lifestyle–which I define as nourishing your body with good-for-you foods, being active, but most important of all, feeling happy with yourself and who you are. This is a constant battle. Some days we don’t want to even get out of bed; others, we’re so peppy that we can’t wait to jump out of our cotton haven, and other days we’re somewhere in between. For every day, we have to make sure that we’re doing everything in our power to just feel proud of who we are or at least who we are becoming. I know that I feel most confident and proud of who I am when I regularly eat nutritious foods, exercise (and truly challenging myself), and also maintain a balanced lifestyle. It is then when I find myself naturally walking with a little extra “sassy” in my step. Do not assume that when I say “sassy” that I mean “bitchy”; by sassy, I mean feeling confident and having that confidence shine through.

Unfortunately, being a human and all, I will be prone to making human errors which may take me a few steps backward–but that’s the cliche excuse, isn’t it? The “well, I’m only human” excuse? A manager at a restaurant I once worked at told me this: “Grace, excuses are like belly buttons–everyone’s got one. Now shut up and get back to work.” A little harsh reality, but it’s true–we can keep trying to justify reasons why we don’t workout, eat right, maintain friendships and relationships, keep up on personal appearances, do homework, relax, or whatever else–but those excuses don’t make you feel happy, do they? For me, they don’t. Being healthy and feeling good about yourself shouldn’t be a chore, which is what I made it before. By creating Nutrisassy, I have made a personal commitment to myself and to wellness by staying strong, subtracting the bullshit excuses, and keep on, well, keeping on!




For any questions and/comments, please do not hesitate to send me an e-mail: nutrisassy@gmail.com



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